We have put together a list of some of the most frequently questions about traveling to Belize. These are general questions we are often asked by our clients so if you don't find the answer to your question please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Q1. How do I get to Belize?

A1. Belize has one international airport in Belize City. It is the Philip S. W. Goldson Airport. The airlines that fly to Belize from the USA are American, Continental/United, Delta and US Air. You will need to connect or depart through the following cities Dallas, Miami, Houston, Atlanta or Charlotte.

Q2. Do I need a passport to travel to Belize?

A2. Yes, and it should be valid for 3 months after your date of arrival.

Q3. Do I need a Visa to travel to Belize?

A3. Visas are not required for US Citizens, Canadians, Citizens of the Untied Kingdom and many other countries. If you are not sure if you need a Visa you can check on the Belize Tourist Board web site.www.travelbelize.org/plan-your-visit/getting-here/entry-requirements

Q4. What time zone is Belize in?

A4.Central Standard Time year round, they do not observe daylight savings time.

Q5. What is the exchange rate?

A5. One US dollar is equal to two Belize dollars.

Q6. Do I need to exchange my money before I arrive?

A6. US dollars are widely accepted in Belize but the change you receive will most likely be in Belize dollars.

Q7. What language is spoken in Belize?

A7. The official language is English but most Belizeans speak at least one other language; Spanish, Creole or Maya.

Q8. Do I need an electrical adaptor?

A8. Belize uses the same voltage as the US, 110 volts.

Q9. When is rainy season in Belize?

A9. Rainy season is June through October. This does not mean it will rain all day everyday.  Often rain is in the evenings and does not interfere with your vacation. The rain also helps to cool down the temperatures.

Q10. When is the best time to dive in Belize?

A10. April - June because the winter winds have died down and the rainy season has not started yet.  Diving during the rainy season can be very good also since the water is warm and the visibility is good.

Q11. What is the water temperature?

A11. High 70's in the winter months to mid 80's in summer.

Q12. Can I dive and snorkel from shore?

A12. Belize is not known for its walk in beaches. To reach the best dive and snorkel spots you will need to go out by boat. Many hotels have man made reefs under their piers where you can see small fish.

Q13. How do I get to Ambergris Caye?

A13. We use Tropic Air for flights within Belize. It is a short 20 minute flight to Ambergris Caye.

Q14. What should I wear?

A14. Casual wear, shorts, t-shirts, sundresses and sandals for the beach areas. If you are going to the jungle be sure to bring long pants and sneakers.  A sweater or light jacket is a good idea for the evenings especially during the winter months.

Q15. What should I be sure to bring?

A15. Camera and batteries. Sunscreen is a must. People often bring several strengths. Bug spray for calm evenings and when you are in the jungle. All medicines, beauty products and health aides. These can be very expensive and limited choices.

Q16. What is the tipping policy?

A16. It is the same as in the USA.  Some hotels add a service charge of 10% and this is distributed amoung the staff. Just like everywhere tipping is away of rewarding good service.