Water Conditions

For those of you visiting Belize for the diving the water temperature only varies about 5 degrees from winter to summer (79 to 84 degrees).  If you are only diving once or twice a day a shorthy wet suit or dive skin is enough to keep you warm.

Since the tide only varies about 2 feet in Belize the currents are generally mild.

It is not uncommon to have over 100ft visibility at the atolls and on the barrier reef since the water is deeper here. The inshore reefs are not quite as clear with visibility ranging from 40-65 ft. this is because the bottom is generally sandy and the water is shallower.

Since the winds in the winter are stronger and the storms of late summer can stir up the ocean floor the best diving is from April – June.  The winds are lighter making the sea calmer and the big storms of summer have not arrived yet.

But truth be told it is hard to find a bad day of diving in Belize!!!